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Packages includes one spinning class per week leading up to Reggae Marathon



(Spin & Spin+Gym)

Schedule & Packages

Gym Session

Gym package includes one drop in session per week leading up to Reggae Marathon. 



(Gym & Gym+Spin)

All packages include:


1. 'Early Bird' Discount to the Reggae Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K

2. Discount to other road races during the programme time.

3. Discounted consultation to Physical Therapist Dr. Jair Lyons at the Clinic of Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy



Cross Train

Long Runs

  • These are held on Saturday Mornings.

  • Long Runs start and end in the KSAC metropolitan area.

  • Start time and locations will be given in advance via email.

Mid Week Runs

  • All Runs are held in the morning.

  • Runs will be located in the KSAC metropolitan areas. 

  • Start times and location of runs will be included in a weekly email to all participants.



Group Runs

Packaged Deals

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