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The Story


WGTR started in October 2011 when three friends David Henriques, Jilliane Lewis and Andrew Walcott entered the Burger King Portmore 10K. They enjoyed it so much they decided to invite four other friends; Chalanie Stiebel, Tej Banhan, Dominic Pringle and Brian Lawson, to the Red Ribbon 5K the next month. The name of the group was decided on, and with much excitement the shirts were designed and printed.


The group grew rapidly with formal structures being put in place. In mid 2013 the club established a seven member Executive team to help administer the club activities. Andrew became the first president and David the first vice president of the Club. Michael Cuffe, Christina Taylor, Brandon Chin, Ryan Chin and Anya Mollison joined the first executive team. In December the Club staged its first Awards Ceremony.


In 2013 Brush Up Jamaica, a local dental charity, approached and partnered with WGTR to put on what would become the first road race the club staged. In Janurary 2014, Colour Me Happy became the island's first run in colour which raised over eight hundered thousand dollars ($800,000) for BrushUp Jamaica


The Club continues to build on its dedication to providing avenues for participation in fitness activities for its members and giving back to the community. The Club has registered a team for virtually every road race in the corporate area and are regulars at Jakes Triathlon, Reggae Marathon and have members that participate under WGTR's name in events around the globe.

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