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Grand Prix 2015



  1. Individuals must register through their respective club.

  2. Only team members of participating clubs will be allowed in the Grand Prix.

  3. Teams must provide registration document and fee at least one week prior to a race for that individual to be able to earn points in the for that race. 

  4. Registration forms must be filled out online.

  5. If physical forms are used they must be collected by club administrators and it is their duty to enter the information for their members online.

  6. Non-invited clubs will have to pay a $5000 club registration fee to participate in the Grand Prix. contact



  1. To earn points members must run affiliated with their respective club. 

  2. A participants who runs without their respective bib will not be awarded points. 

  3. Points will not be awarded to individuals for races they participated in before they registered for the Grand Prix. 

  4. Runners must participate in at least 4 of the Grand Prix races in order to qualify for prizes. 



  1. Chip timing will be used to award points in the Grand Prix Points

  2. All points are earned in the 'Run' category of all races unless otherwise specified.

  3. Races can be added to the Grand Prix at any time during the Grand Prix. 

  4. Where one or more races are added to the Grand Prix only the 7 higest scores of each participant will be used to calculate their total. 



  1. Awards will be given to the persons with the most points at the end of the Grand Prix. 

  2. The pot will be split evenly between the top male and top female runners. 

  3. Other awards will be determined based on performance in the Grand Prix.

  4. Club performance will be calculated based on the amount of points their members have accumilated. Top Club will be declared the Grand Prix Champions. 








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