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Bootcamp Challenge


Bootcamp Challenge

Compete in challenges to earn points and win prizes.


Three competitions that target and test:

  • Cardio fitness

  • Weight lifting endurance

Mixed challenges

Compete as an individual or a Couple


Win Prizes for performance in your category or overall


Our M-Powerers

Our mission is to provide support and information to women who suffer from Endometriosis and promote research in the medical field. We also aim to create better awareness of this disease amongst the general public, women and the medical profession.

Join #TeamJamaica For Endo March 2015 And Help Our Young Girls and Women With Endometriosis Get The Attention They Need!

MArch 21

Campion College 

6AM - 8AM

David Henriques



Jair Lyons

Trueform Fitness


Michael Cuffe



Collect the most valuable ribbons by winning challenges to claim your title!


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